Monday, October 20, 2008

The common tips when buying a diamond rings

Here are some glue when buying a diamond. As diamond are girls best friends and its always brought by men to present or propose to the women when asking for the women hands to be their wife. Diamond is an expensive precious stone and is not always brought by the same men unless he is very rich. Most men would not want to be cheated when buying a diamond rings. The best points is to get some friends or relatives who is very good in diamond or brought from a well known established shops which can be reliable on.

The common tips when buying a diamond rings is learned to know the 4Cs. Knowing the 4Cs is very important to everyone who wanted to buy a diamonds. The 4Cs are knowns as Cut, Color, Carat or weight and Clarity. As price are not depended on the size it is depend on the interplay of the 4Cs. After you are happy with the 4Cs then price of the diamond is quoted by the merchant.

Carat refers to weight and its measure of weight such as one carat is equal to 200mg and one carat diamond price can be double the price of a half carat diamond. Cuts are the shape and size the diamond are cuts and its is how the diamond maker angles the diamond. Diamond that are colorless are most expensive compare to others types of diamond. Clarity is seen by a microscope how clear is the diamond. If there is a line or a dot, the price of the diamond are not so expensive compare to a clear diamond. Lastly when you are happy and deal is ok ask for another "C" The Certificate.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Knows the 5"C" when buying a diamond

Precious stone like diamond is consider the most expensive stone that most women would like to have one in their procession and its said to be women best friends. Diamond are most given by men to the girl during the wedding day, engagement or when the men propose to the women to marry him. When buying diamond it is best to know the important of diamonds or get some one who is very good about diamond to follow you or to your regular shops that you can trust as diamond cause a lot of money.

The four "C" as it used through the world to classify the rarity of diamonds. Its is the cut, color, carat (weight) and clarity. The cuts is how a skilled craftsman creates in transforming a rough diamond into a polished and brilliance diamonds. A well skilled cut diamonds reflect of its brilliance light of the diamond. Diamonds that are cut to deep or shallow will lost it light and its value.

There are many colors found in the diamond but white colored diamonds still remains most popular to many people and still the most expensive stone. Diamond are graded on a color scale by GIA. Carat is the weight of the diamond and not the size of diamonds. Clarity is most seen by microscope the clearness of the diamond and the brilliance light that reflect from the diamond. The fifth "C" you ask is the certificates of the company and the certificates of the diamond you purchased.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Buy a diamond a important decision to made

Diamond is one of the most expensive precious stone it was due to its rarest and keeps to its name as the most brilliance stone and admire by most women in the world. Diamond is a symbol of true love as every men would like to present it to their future wife or fiancee as to express their feeling, commitment and the three sweet words "I love you" that most ladies like to hear. So buying a diamond on this special occasion is a important decision to made not to be cheated. Buying a diamond ones must have some knowledge about diamond or get someone who is very good in diamond.

When buying a diamond one must understand the 4-Cs as all diamond are graded according to the 4Cs. The 4Cs are clarity, colors, carats and cuts. The addition and last one "C" is to ask for the certificate after you had made your decision. The clarity is one of the most important amount the 4Cs and its hard to determine by an average buyers that the reason most buyer like to buy from their trusted jeweler shop. The clarity of a diamond is most seen by microscope, is to see how clear is the diamond. The cuts is how he diamond maker angles the diamond in a way as to best reflect light through the diamond. Carat defines the size of the diamond and the measurement of weight of the diamond. Colors of the diamond its depends on one personal preference. Colorless are the most expensive diamond as it its said to be rarest to find.

Ask for a certificate after you had buy your diamond. As a diamond certificate contains a complete quality and the description of the diamond that you buy. In the certificates its included all the information of the diamond that you buy. The weight or carats of the diamond, The clarity, cuts or the shape of the diamond and the color grade of the diamond and lastly the price of the diamond that you purchase. To had a certificates it gives the confidence to buy a diamond.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Knows your job when buy a diamond

Prices of precious metals and precious stone keeps shooting up and most rich peoples turns to gold as a way of investment while some keeps diamond as a future investment or just a hobby. Since the price of precious stone as reach its high, to buy a diamond one must has some knowledge about diamonds.

To buy a diamond it is better to buy from big well known company whose has approved certificated by the diamond association. Get your relatives or friends who is good in diamond to help you choose a diamond if you intended to buy one. Ask all question you want to know about diamond, the shop assistance is willing to help you. Learned the 4C when buying a diamond. The carat defines the size of the diamonds, The cuts it how the diamonds angles is cut, the color which are least important, is based upon your personal preference and Clarity refers to how free a diamond is from naturally microscopic imperfections.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Look for the "c" when buy a diamond

I had a friend who is a Jewellery designer and who always like to design diamond and other precious stone. And even when he is free he will always paint picture of diamond and others precious. His knowledge about diamonds was far very good. Whenever I am free I will visit him and have a cup of coffee and he will tell me the value of diamond and precious stone and what the stone good for and its beauty.

Last year I brought for my wife a diamond ring cost me over fifty thousand. I had to ask him to help me find the right diamonds which I am scared that I might get cheated. I leave him to choose for me but I told him it will not cost me more then sisty k. He did a good job and the diamond ring was worth buying.

Things that he taught me, when buying a diamond. To look for the four "c", The carats, the colours, the cuts and the clarity. Carat defines the size, The cut is a how the diamond maker angles cut the diamond, clarity of a diamond is how clear the diamond and lastly the colour which is not very important. Diamond which is colourless is better but it will cost you more. The last "c" which is not mention in the 4 "c" is the cerfiticated. The cerfiticated of the diamonds you buy and the cerfiticated of the diamond shop that the shop is genuine and is approved by the government.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Featuring cluster of a diamond ring

Recently I walk throught a big shopping complex in the capital of Malaysia, where by I come across a diamond rings, which is beautiful craft and design on a platinum metals. This diamonds rings has been designed to avoid any resemblance to other rings using open space and featuring cluster of small diamonds spread across the entire rings.

If you think of buying this diamonds ring as the price is not very expensive and you can add it as collection because it has vintage ,contemporary. This diamonds rings design is good to give as gift to your love one on her auspious ocassion as the desidn looks very romantic with has floral design to sue the difference personalities.The loops and twists in the design symbolise the struggles a women goes through.


It not safe to wear a diamond

Diamonds are girls best friend but is now very dangerous to wear outside the public as they are many eyes waiting for a nice ladies to walk out alone or with their friends. The price of a small pieces of diamonds will cause you a few thousand of malaysian ringgit in the market. To buy a diamond as I told my wife do think it worth to buying it is not safe to wear outside and just keep it in the bank safely box and only use in big ocassion. This precious stone when meet the eye of this snack thief it will make their body shake and moving.

I have a friends who likes to show of her beautiful diamonds rings, earring and even a wearing cross encraft with diamonds. One day out of the bank, she was followed by two youngest and when reaching her car, she was knife point. First she was reluctant to parts with her pricious diamonds stone but after a knife cut on her hand and body she parts it including the money inside her handbags. She came back crying and a reports was make. Now she will never wear a diamond or buy a diamond.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

More choise when buying a diamonds

Diamonds are one of best seller among other precious stone but this year many Gem collection shops are drawing the attentions of their customber by adding others colours and semi precious stone with the popular stone. The exuberance of day and the sophistication of the night as seen in the dazzling beauty of the sun and the mystery of the moon.

The focus of this range is very much on the stone , the design and the special cut of the swirling stone. Other stone thats combined with diamond to give its beauty and is shinning stone are gems stone of rose Quartz, prehnite and chalcedony and mix of onyx and white opals. Now you have more choise when buying a diamonds. You can buy a diamond as it is or a combination with others colour stone.


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